Windows VPS hosting

Anonymous Windows VPS hosting with Bitcoin. Windows server come fully RDP ready and you can pay with Bitcoin

Blackserver added the support for anonymous Windows Server.

Our VPS Windows server come with fully RDP ready (remote desktop protocol). Optional you can connect via VNC to your Windows server.

You can pay with Bitcoin for your Windows Server and other cryptocurrencies. Run your anonymous Windows server for games, or GIS application with crypto.

Blackserver takes care of licenisng your Windows VPS

Create an account

Blackserver lets you easily create VPS windows servers and you can pay with Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and many other cryptocurrencies. Register your account now and get free credits to start your first server instantly!

Create Windows Server

Login to your account and click on Create Server

To host a Windows VPS server choose the "Eearth" host.

server host

Select "Earth" as your host, a datacenter region and use the "Image" tab to set your preferred Windows VPS version.

windows vps

Finish your setup by settting your preferred server size, optional features, ssh keys and set a server hostname. When you ready click on "Create" and Blackserver will create your Windows server instantly.


Once your server is finished launching, you will see it in your server list.


You can access your Windows VPS from any Windows system using a RDP connection. Use the username "Administrator" and the password from your server list to connect to your Windows Server.

rdp connection